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Agatha Ruiz de la Prada



Agatha Ruiz de la Prada is one of the most famous and personal designers in the Spanish and international fashion scene designers. Her bold and colorful creative universe reflects a point of view full of love, humor and optimism and conveys a concept of life focused on the smallest details and a world composed of vitality. With this unique combination of elements, she infuses a very organic and distinctive personality in all her artworks: textiles, furniture, crockery, technology, childcare, etc.


Born in Madrid (Spain) in 1960, at the crux of the Pop Art movement, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada was inspired by this vibrant, artistic mood of the era. She invoked this splash of pop onto her first collection which debuted in 1980 in her hometown of Madrid. Her creative designs spurred an instant success and went on to showcase on the catwalks of major fashion capitals of the world, including Paris and Milán, leading Ruiz de la Prada to open her atelier in 1982 in Madrid.

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Designer - Rosita Hurtado - Bolivia.jpg
Rosita Hurtado


Born in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, this enterprising woman traveled in 1982 to Paris France to study fashion design at the Dominique school, then studied at Yocanda Atelier in Porto Alegre Brazil. From there she moved to London England to study patterning Industrial and ends an Associate of Fashion Designer at the Art Istitute of Fort Lauderdale in Florida, USA. His collections have been presented in different international places and has shared catwalks with great designers such as Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta, Donna Karan, Tommy Hillfiiger, Alexandre Mac Queen at New York Fashion Week in 2004, Present in Paris Pret a porte, Fashion Week of the Americas, Texvecal in Santiago de Chile, Puerto Rico Fashion Week, Ecua moda, Los Angeles Fashion Week, Bolivia Fashion Parade organized by (Together in the world) and as a special guest Queen Sofia Of Spain in Palma de Mallorca, three times presented her fashion at the UNESCO in Paris, France and received in Ecuador at the Golden Needle Award .. In 2009 was recognized by the Univision chain as one of seven Heroes of the Planet with its Ecological line. For two years I created the Ixoye line, a casual urban fashion with cultural purpose which is being recognized worldwide for its originality, to show the world through the clothing Latin American culture.


Designer - Angie Polanco - Dominican Rep
Angie Polanc

Dominican Republic 

Collection Anhelebloom by Angie Polanco.

Angie Polanco graduated in Advertising Communication at the University
APEC of Santo Domingo. She then went to Barcelona to do a Master in
Marketing Management at the EAE Business School. She establishes her residence in Spain, where she graduated in Patter design and Corsetry at the Superior School of Design and Fashion Felicidad Duce, and in Fashion Design at the Escola de la Dona in Barcelona. She collaborated with the Josep Font atelier as a pattern designer, and then worked at the Inditex group in Barcelona. She showed her creations in fashion shows at Barcelona (ModaFAD) several years, and then participated in Novia del Sur contest in Seville, where she won the first price at the bridal design contest. From the beginning of her career she has participated in numerous fashion shows in the Dominican Republic, such as the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Santo Domingo and Dominicana Moda. Also showing her creations in the Supertalent Fashion Show In South Korea as part of the FDLA showcase.
This year she celebrates her 10th anniversary in fashion industry by participating
for the 3rd time at the New York Fashion Week with Fashion Designers of Latin
America, presenting a collaboration collection for the Spanish brand AnheleBloom.

Designer - Vedran Antonio -Chile.JPG
Vedran Santelices



Chilean architect and fashion designer, currently founder and creative director of "Goldencat". He has dedicated his life to transgressing norms and stereotypes in male dress, creating a seal and an independent author design brand.

Their collections are inspired by the forms of nature, the strength and energy of beings to exist, survive, their rites of showing and camouflage. Architecture is also part of his inspiration in fashion, his obsession with the abstraction of the nocturnal urban image lead him to generate pieces of design that fuse the natural and artificial power of things.

Fernando Salgado.jpg
Fernanda Salgado



Fernanda Salgado, the Ecuadorian designer behind Lula Kirei, joins the world of
fashion in 2012; with a proposal that fuses Ecuadorian handicraft textures and
fabrics with the design and quality of haute couture.
Lula Kirei works hand in hand with artisans from the Andean area of Cotacachi, who
under her guidance create exclusive patterns and fabrics for the brand.
Her creations are full of art and fashion. Colors, joy and vitality are the pillars of the
brand, allowing her to be at the vanguard all the time. Throughout her career, she has dressed great Ecuadorian artists such as Paulina Andrade, Gabriela Villalba, Monserrath Astudillo, Virginia Limongis, Constanza Báez, María Susana Rivadeneira, among other celebrities. Her clothes have traveled the world, putting the name of Ecuador high. Some of the most important Lula Kirei ́s Fashion Shows include: Contrast Runway 2013, Little Angels Fashion Show 2014, Designer Book 2015-2017, Vancouver Fashion Week 2016, and now she participates in the 10th Anniversary of Latin American Designers in the New York Fashion Week 2019.

Keyther Estevez - Republica Dominicana.j
Keyther Estevez

Dominican Republic


Keyther is a young Dominican who after having discovered a new world in New York City, comes back to his country to devote himself to the world of fashion with many innovative ideals. He went to the prestigious Altos de Chavón school to prepare in the area of ​​fashion design. He has also prepared himself in the fashion stylist and jewelry designer area.  In 2008 he presented his first collection entitled "Sweet and Sour" for the most important fashion event in his country.  This took all the applause and the best criticism in all the media of written press, TV and social networks immediately positioned as one of the new promises in fashion design.

His fashion designs have walked through the most important red carpet in the country. Celebrities such as: Gabriel Spanic, Georgina Duluc, Sharmin Diaz, Evelina Garcia, Luz Garcia, Denise Quiñones, Frank Reyes, Raulin Rodriguez and Marcos Yaroide are just some of the many who have taken their spectacular creations.

Keyther is one of the most prominent Dominican Fashion Stylists, and has worked for great national and international figures.


In 2007 Keyther was recognized by the Ministry of Culture as one of the "Faces of Dominican fashion", an exhibition that brings together over 109 photographs of local fashion figures. In 2011 he was awarded by social networks as the twitter fashionista of the year, and in 2012 he was awarded in the framework of Dominican Fashion as the best collection of emerging designer. He was recognized by the Marangoni Institute to present in Paris, London or Milan.

Pamela Alarcon- Bolivia.jpg
Pamela Alarcon



Pamela Alarcon, born in Bolivia, designed and created her own clothes since she was very young. Her fashion studies were in Argentina and Italy during the 90's. Her first runways were in the early 2000, she was runner-up for the first fashion reality show in Bolivia and costume designer for Bolivian 

movies. She is the founder and executive director of Bolivia Fashion Week since 2016. Since then, Bolivia Fashion Week has welcomed every year international designers like Custo Barcelona and Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. Pamela was the first visionary fashion entrepreneur in Bolivia that included 

native folkloric clothes in an international runway. It was Bolivia Fashion Week that took a native designer from Bolivia and together with the Uptown Fashion Week, presented her in a runway during New York Fashion Week 2016. As a designer Pamela has a sophisticated and eclectic style that incorporates native Bolivian unique elements.

Willfredo Gerardo - Mexico.jpg
Willfredo Gerardo



First making his mark at Premio Lo Nuestro Awards dressing his very first Latin celebrity icon Ninel Conde that gained him confidence and international recognition in the fashion world. Now he’s more mature and comfortable expanding into his 4th collection that he will be debuting this upcoming NYFW Fall/Winter 2016. 


Born and raised in North Hollywood, CA, early into his young age Willfredo was always interested and involved with fashion. Style and presentation was a main component of his upbringing that filtered into his career. After attending several performing arts schools in Southern California and Sarasota Opera House, he started to migrate from performing arts and immerse himself into fashion. He moved to New York where he worked in retail and stumbled into designing bridal gowns for high-end clients, and embraced his love for designing couture. 


He opened his first showroom in Los Angeles, CA and created his first collection named Old Hollywood Glamour, constructed to compliment the silhouette and the lines of a woman’s body, a running theme of all the gowns he designs. After months of work and persistence his dresses had caught wind of international celebrities such as Marjorie De Sousa, Chiquis Rivera and were featured in such publications as Elle Bulgaria, Runway Magazine featuring Nancy O’Dell, and People en Español. 

Since then he has gained status as head designer for Nuestra Belleza Latina 2015 & 2016 and seen his looks all across red carpet events such as the Golden Globes, Emmys, People’s Choice Awards, Latin Grammys, Latin Billboards, & Premio Juventud. With Chicago, Miami, and LA Fashion week under his belt, Gerardo is prepared for New York.

Willfredo now resides in Miami, FL currently expanding his couture line. Ninel Conde, Chiquinquirá Delgado, Alejandra Espinoza, and Daphnie Joy are known to be a few of Gerardo’s star studded client list

Giovanni LoPresti - Switzerland.jpg
Giovanni Lo Presti

Special guest from Montreaux Moda Switzerland


Swiss- Italian fashion designer Giovanni Lo Presti, 

has brought a new sense of edginess to top of the line materials such as leather, 

wool and silk while remaining faithful to the art of elegance and womanly silhouettesRapidly gaining momentum, Lo Presti has created a prestigious name for himself 

within circles that appreciate exquisitely made ready-to-wear designs. 

Born and raised in Switzerland, the 35-year old designer brings the “Swiss made” 

stamp to a sophisticated Italian style. His buyers include high profile celebrities 

such as Laura Pausini, Lara Fabian, Johnny Hallyday, Angelina Jolie, Donn and others.

Letty Faviana- Chile_edited.jpg
Leti Faviani



A Brand full of Attitude ...
Leti Faviani, Venezuelan and Image Consultant based in Chile for five years, a country that treasures as yours and where he launched his dream of Life To Go By Letti. With a facet of a business woman as a Tenological Business Advisor for 5 years, Leti began her own Design and Clothing brand a year and a half ago. His passion for fashion and Good Dressing was born together with his designer friends in Venezuela, where he looked closely at his work plus the admiration for years of iconic Venezuelan talents in the fashion world, such as Carolina Herrera, Angel Sánchez and Nicolas Felizola, They inspired her to determine as a possible dream the beginning of her own brand while in Chile and today become the Director and Designer for her own brand.
To Go By Letti starts its history at the beginning of 2018, in a small Showroom located in the city of Santiago de Chile, in an iconic Design neighborhood called ̈Barrio Italia ̈ with a proposal of transformed and intervened pieces. In April, the same year To Go By Letti makes its official launch in the most important fashion event in Chile, the catwalk of the Santiago Fashion Week; where he exhibits his own designs for the first time, marking a great trend between Color and Elegance. From there, the brand begins to dress Chilean television personalities and distinguished personalities of the Chilean Government.
A year ago, Leti Faviani created her concept as a brand called ̈Viste para el Éxito ̈ which has gradually turned her into a growing lecturer, since she dictates Workshop and Massive Conversations with this title and delivers personalized advice; based on a lifestyle that ponders the personal image and Good Dress as a sure path of success for anyone.
PREMIER, which is the name of the new collection that To Go By Letti will present at the FDLA, has all the strength that an opportunity like this deserves. ̈My brand is my Passion, it is a dream of life that was pending. Leaving a stamp with my pieces in someone's closet is a great achievement; But empowering women with respect to their image and from how others see them is fascinating to me and is my essence as a brand. Fashion can always be in your favor, it is only a matter of good taste ̈ Leti Faviani comments when asked to describe To Go By Letti as a project.

Erika Luz - Bolivia_edited.jpg
Ericka Luz



Ericka Luz, is a Bolivian woman of Aymara origin with strong native roots and a millenary tradition. She harnessed her talent with many years of hard work, the love for her culture has been the driver which pushed her to become an entrepreneur in the fashion and manufacturing of traditional clothes for the woman of Bolivia.


Her talent was internationally showcased at the Bolivia Fashion Week 2018, becoming an international ambassador of the traditional clothes of Bolivia. In 2018 her designs were displayed during the FDLA runway during the NYFW, where these had an important impact and repercussion.


Her designs are characterized by the freshness and color which is the distinctive mark of Ericka Luz. Her designs are recognized and seen during the traditional and international cultural events of the Oruro Carnival and the Entrada del Gran Poder in La Paz.

Idol-Jose -Venezuela.JPG
Idol Jose 

New upcoming talent from Venezuela


Idol Jose is a Fashion brand created by Idol Hernandez and Juan Francisco Cabello both from Venezuela and doctors by profession. They have joined forces and talent since 2016 to create a clothing brand that combines the avant-garde with high fashion, aiming to make exclusive suits under an artesanal vision with modern tailoring techniques of high ethnic value and socio-cultural impact, this year they will decorate the runways with there 2020 collection, called fantastic: a multiracial summary of styles.

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