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Agatha Ruiz de la Prada



Agatha Ruiz de la Prada is one of the most famous and personal designers in the Spanish and international fashion scene designers. Her bold and colorful creative universe reflects a point of view full of love, humor and optimism and conveys a concept of life focused on the smallest details and a world composed of vitality. With this unique combination of elements, she infuses a very organic and distinctive personality in all her artworks: textiles, furniture, crockery, technology, childcare, etc.


Born in Madrid (Spain) in 1960, at the crux of the Pop Art movement, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada was inspired by this vibrant, artistic mood of the era. She invoked this splash of pop onto her first collection which debuted in 1980 in her hometown of Madrid. Her creative designs spurred an instant success and went on to showcase on the catwalks of major fashion capitals of the world, including Paris and Milán, leading Ruiz de la Prada to open her atelier in 1982 in Madrid.

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Douglas Tapia (Venezuela).jpg
Douglas Tapia


Douglas Tapia, who is considered “The Venezuelan Fashion Artist”, has a brilliant trajectory that began twenty years ago. His studies in Hispanic Languages in the University of Zu lia, in Maracaibo, the city which he is from, let him understand that fashion is another language. 

It was actually the “Miss Venezuela Organization”, the most important platform of fashion in his country, that gave him the opportunity of showing off his talent and made it very popular in the foreign markets; opening the international runways to let the world know his designs. He took over the stages of the “Miss Universe”, “Miss World”, “Miss International”, fashion shows, red carpets, the Oscars, the Grammys awards and the Emmys. Through this, Douglas Tapia developed his career as fashion designer in different Latin American countries, Europe and the USA. 

 His most recent achievement was winning the Metropolitan Fashion Award as “The Best Fashion Designer “ in 2019, in Los Angeles, while The Hollywood Museum of LA displayed one of his designs. 

 Today, Douglas Tapia keeps developing his career with new ideas and fashion shows with the clear concept of exalting the beauty of every woman in the world.


Cenia Paredes 

Dominican Republic | USA

Cenia Paredes grew up in a family dedicated entirely to dress making in her native Dominican Republic. From an early age she helped her mother choose fabrics, participated in fittings and sketched designs for her mother’s clients. By age 11, Cenia was fully immersed into the costume made dress business to help her family. After immigrating to USA at age 20, Cenia graduated Summa cum Laude from the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in 2004. She then worked in New York’s competitive fashion district for various renowned brands, but always kept her dream of designing her own line as her ultimate goal.


In 2009, Cenia launched her first ready to wear collection Cenia New York®, a line of day into evening dresses with a revolutionary fit concept that consisted in offering four distinctive fits for that catered to the most predominant female body types, being the first and only designer in fashion history to implement this concept and bring it to a major department store in USA. Cenia caters to the woman who embraces her curves, is sassy, self secure and wants to look tastefully sexy and radiant no matter what size or body shape.


In 2011, Cenia was chosen among 900 companies as one of the 22 participants of TheWorkshop At Macy’s, and she was one of 4 vendors chosen to launch her line at selected stores in June’12. Since then Cenia has expanded her distribution to specialty stores globally and has expanded her line to include plus sizes. Cenia dresses have been sold on HSN and Shopping Life 24 in Russia in 2016. In 2019, Cenia was choosen as one of the winners of “The Big Find”, a reality competition for inventors launched by QVC/HSN, propelling Cenia to launch her patent-pending Cenia Convi Jean on HSN in the Spring of 2020.


Cenia has been featured in major media outlets such as The Today Show, CNN, Telemundo, Univision,The Style Network, El Diario La Prensa, The New York Times, Huffington Post Voces, WWD, Bloomberg News Week, La Nueva Voz Latina, Latin Trends Mag, Latina, Siempre Mujer, Oh Magazine, People En Espanol, among others. In addition Cenia’s dresses are often wore by celebrities including Lin-Manuel Miranda’s wife and mom Vanessa Nadal and Luz Towns - Miranda, Gloria Estefan, Dascha Polanco, Dasha Polanco, Evette Rios, Julissa Bermudez, Adrienne Bailon, Alejandra Oraa, among others.

YirkoSivirich (Peru).png
Yirko Sivirich


What the designer Yirko Sivirich highlights in all his collections is the love for Perú, his country.
Innovative and very good quality designs using 100% Peruvian materials, which makes him responsible for showing through his runways around the world what it means to be Peruvian and the pride of this.


Katerina Remez (Russia) FDLA Special Int
Katerina Remez

Russia ( Special Guest ) Leather Bags from Russia


Katerina Remez - designer of unique and exclusive leather bags with wood sculpture. All bags performed exclusively by hand. According to the famous Russian magazine «Modny Dom», Ekaterina managed to enter the TOP 50 of the most beautiful and successful women of 2018.

She has got 3 higher educations in the field of study - a linguist, an economist and a PR manager in business and politics. She began her successful career with teaching English to law students.

After she received a second education, she was engaged in registration and other credit affairs for legal entities. After that, she became the leader of one of the largest casinos and other gambling networks in the region.

Beginning in 2008, the future designer received another education, this time already the third. After that, she opened her own travel agency. Thanks to this, Katerina began to get involved in design. It was this work that gave her a good push in the form of a many long business trips. They contributed to the fact that the designer very often communicated with partners not only from Russia, as before, but also from Italy, Jordan, Spain, Indonesia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. These partners were mostly tour operators.

Of course, in the conditions of such close work as a specialist in intercultural organizations, fashion and trends could not bypass the woman. In 2015, she began to cooperate with one of the largest online stores. She became an independent fashion buyer and a unique specialist. Purchased men's and women's clothing from a variety of collections from a variety of brands. These were both simply well-known European designers and premium class elite houses.

Most of the attention paid to the procurement of accessories. Thanks to her hard-working with the best professionals from many different countries, such as Italy, Jordan, Spain, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, etc., as well as experience in working on the procurement of clothing and accessories, Katerina received many of experience. She often collaborated with popular and, most importantly, experienced design specialists, as well as collecting important information about fashion and trends or the lessons she learned during her collaboration with the online store and working in her own travel agency. It would seem that the experience is small, but in two years Katerina began to understand fashion, even better than the experts from whom she received this experience.

Already in 2018, she launches her first own line of unique bags made of leather and wood, deciding to name her brand «Katerina Remez». And for this, she had to make quite a few efforts, because there was not a lot of help from her fellow specialists. Yes, they took part in creating the design of the bags, but Katerina herself had to do a huge part of the work. And, as it turned out - it is not so simple. Design is a whole separate science. The experience gained over several years could not leave the designer neither without experience or without love for his work.

To create the first line of bags, Katerina for a long time selected the best masters not only from Russia, but also from Indonesia and Armenia. First of all, the selection of designers took into account their experience and experience. The more experience the better. The 2018th year was also no less productive. This year she already had the opportunity to present her work at various exhibitions. She demonstrated her products at the “exhibition of applied art and souvenirs”.

However, Europe is not the only place where its bags have become famous. Around the end of October 2018, from the 23rd to the 28th, bags were presented at Moscow Fashion Week at Pop Art.

At the end of April 2019, Katerina Remez's bags were ordered in a new collection. And this presentation was a success more than successful!

Today bags are sold in Russia, Europe, UAE

Mauricio Souza

Bogota, Colombia


Mauricio souza designer and Male Fashion Producer with 18 years of experience in the fashion industry this time launches his new collection Animals, collection that sends a main message to not damage the environment and not use, animal skins, in this  occasion we will have a female and male autumn / winter collection Souza, environmentalist, animal advocate for the environment, wants in his Collection to raise awareness in the consumers of fur and Feathers, it is important to make a call so that they do not buy clothes with skins and leathers  Real, in his collection will show that Realism and Beauty can be achieved when it comes to wearing clothes, in Animal print, Skins, leather, among other materials, synthetic.

Ana Rafé Alcántara Jiménez

Dominican Republic


Ana Rafé Alcántara Jiménez, born in Hato Mayor del Rey, Dominican Republic. She is a fashion designer and jewelry under the concept of Responsible Fashion with the Environment. She is also a researcher and promoter of socio-environmental issues. He obtained his degree in Industrial Arts and Fashion Design in 2017, at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), Dominican Republic.

During the development of his studies he represented his academic campus and the UASD School of Fashion on several occasions. She was part of the university exhibitors at the 360 ​​Gallery Commercial Plaza during the celebration of artistic events on Fashion and Ecology for three consecutive years, presenting their costumes of recycled material.

His first collection “Thread Wings, 2017”, was created from reused Denim. He is currently continuing to expand his research on the usable resources in the Dominican Republic that can provide greater sustainability of the Textile Industry and clothing manufacturing.

In December 2017, he exhibited on ‘’ Sustainability in Fashion ’’ in the Workshop ‘’ Forming Agents of Change for the 2030 schedule ’’. Organized by the Office of the Coordination of Social Policies of the Vice Presidency (GCPS), through its initiative Tu Primero and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). During his presentation, he presented the textile recycling collection “Thread Wings”.

It complements its pieces with discarded materials, in addition to producing with totally natural fabrics and organic origin.

In July 2018 she made her debut as an emerging designer on the national fashion platform Dominican Republic Fashion Week, thanks to the sponsorship of the Ministry of Youth. There, he presented his Miranda collection created with natural fabrics and complemented with bags and jewelry of organic materials made of Water Hyacinth.

Ana Rafé, also a performing artist, has presented her proposals for three years at the Performance Index Art Festival, created and promoted by the artist Charo Oquet in Miami and the Dominican Republic.

Willfredo Gerardo - Mexico.jpg
Willfredo Gerardo



First making his mark at Premio Lo Nuestro Awards dressing his very first Latin celebrity icon Ninel Conde that gained him confidence and international recognition in the fashion world. Now he’s more mature and comfortable expanding into his 4th collection that he will be debuting this upcoming NYFW Fall/Winter 2016. 


Born and raised in North Hollywood, CA, early into his young age Willfredo was always interested and involved with fashion. Style and presentation was a main component of his upbringing that filtered into his career. After attending several performing arts schools in Southern California and Sarasota Opera House, he started to migrate from performing arts and immerse himself into fashion. He moved to New York where he worked in retail and stumbled into designing bridal gowns for high-end clients, and embraced his love for designing couture. 


He opened his first showroom in Los Angeles, CA and created his first collection named Old Hollywood Glamour, constructed to compliment the silhouette and the lines of a woman’s body, a running theme of all the gowns he designs. After months of work and persistence his dresses had caught wind of international celebrities such as Marjorie De Sousa, Chiquis Rivera and were featured in such publications as Elle Bulgaria, Runway Magazine featuring Nancy O’Dell, and People en Español. 

Since then he has gained status as head designer for Nuestra Belleza Latina 2015 & 2016 and seen his looks all across red carpet events such as the Golden Globes, Emmys, People’s Choice Awards, Latin Grammys, Latin Billboards, & Premio Juventud. With Chicago, Miami, and LA Fashion week under his belt, Gerardo is prepared for New York.

Willfredo now resides in Miami, FL currently expanding his couture line. Ninel Conde, Chiquinquirá Delgado, Alejandra Espinoza, and Daphnie Joy are known to be a few of Gerardo’s star studded client list

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