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Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Spain | FDLA special guest designer.


Agatha Ruiz de la Prada is one of the most famous and personal designers in the Spanish and international fashion scene designers. Her bold and colorful creative universe reflects a point of view full of love, humor and optimism and conveys a concept of life focused on the smallest details and a world composed of vitality. With this unique combination of elements, she infuses a very organic and distinctive personality in all her artworks: textiles, furniture, crockery, technology, childcare, etc.


Born in Madrid (Spain) in 1960, at the crux of the Pop Art movement, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada was inspired by this vibrant, artistic mood of the era. She invoked this splash of pop onto her first collection which debuted in 1980 in her hometown of Madrid. Her creative designs spurred an instant success and went on to showcase on the catwalks of major fashion capitals of the world, including Paris and Milán, leading Ruiz de la Prada to open her atelier in 1982 in Madrid.

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Isabel Guarch & Domingo Zapata

Spain | FDLA special guests.

For the designer and creator Isabel Guarch, the Mediterranean is her source of inspiration, the

natural habitat where she lives and creates, defining her brand as a Mediterranean brand. This 

spirit accompanies all of the pieces and stories that go along side them. A storytelling inspired 

in the Mallorcan culture and tradition but also in the lifestyle. 


The Isabel Guarch jewellery firm was born more than 50 years ago in Mallorca. 30 years ago the generation gap was produced and Isabel Guarch daughter takes over from her mother, 

developing a passion that has accompanied her throughout her life: the design and creation of 

unique pieces of jewelry, with Mediterranean character, for a unique clientele. Isabel has 

followed the footsteps of her mother, learning from her experience and providing her expertise in design and gemology, which she acquired in the prestigious design school BJO in Paris. Since 2005, the designer has launched, each year, a collection inspired by symbols of the Balearic 

Islands and  their culture, with a DNA of high jewelry but always intended for the Mediterranean lifestyle.

The perfect fusion of art and experience has led the brand to produce the highest level of qualityand service.

Domingo Zapata’s heart is a jewel is no longer a metaphor thanks to the Mallorcan jeweler 

Isabel Guarch.

They both share their love for their birthplace, an island that cheers up the heart of the Mallorcan painter, who currently resides in New York but is always trying to come back to connect with his roots and recover energies thanks to everything that makes him Happy.

As a result of this passion for the Mallorcan island, a very special collaboration has emerged 

between both, which led to the high jewelry collection #HappyHeart. Based on one of the 

recurring elements in Domingo Zapata’s artistic iconography: 

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Benito Santos 


Born and raised in Tepehuaje Morelos Jalisco, Benito Santos studied medicine at the University of Guadalajara and later on Fashion design in Lanspiac Institute of Guadalajara. His fashion career started at an early age as he excelled in drawing, he started with cartoons and slowly evolved to fashion sketches and illustrations. Further in his career Benito decided to pursue his dream and translate his creativity and talent into couture night gowns.

Benito debuted his work as a Fashion designer in Intermoda, the most important fashion event in Mexico. After only 6 years of launching his own brand Benito has taken on an important role in the Mexican fashion world because he has become the go –to designer for women who love feminine dresses filled with glamour and exquisite detail. Benito has become a fashion icon known for his innovative way of utilizing patterns and hand embroidery in all his dresses.

He is well known world-wide due to his red dress that Ximena Navarrete wore as she received the crown for Miss Universe in 2010. Benito Santos is not only this pageant queen’s head designer; he also dresses important personalities in society, politics and entertainment in Mexico. Read More..


Margarita Cornejo 

El Salvador 

Margarita was born on December 28, 1993, in San Salvador El Salvador.
Started her university studies in 2012 at the Dr. José Matías Delgado University
of El Salvador in the degree of Craft Product Design, simultaneously studying a Fashion Design diploma at the School of Communications Mónica Herrera, this opened doors to participation in local catwalks.

In 2014 Margarita created her first prototype a bag made with fiberglass and is with that remarkable product the initiative to create her brand under her same name "Margarita Cornejo". and led to her remarkable participation in the academic event organized by the EDD (School of Design of the UJMD), "Catwalk 2016".

The constant search for training and opportunities led her to be part of a
program launched by the National Government of "Women and Business" in 2016 
In addition to participation in other training courses such as: "Juventud Emprende"
(2015), "Joven Emprendedor" (2016) and participations in "Nicaragua Diseña" (2017). Margarita Cornejo uses a style that characterizes her collections; the use of resources geometric, architectural and industrial such as aviation and machinery considered mostly as male interests but viewed with a feminine look, they show
Margarita's assiduous interest in showing us a different woman in a world
constantly changing that can become imposing and at the same time delicate all
what is usually not considered feminine.

Diego Dominguez ( James 113)


James 113 (Diego Dominguez) born in Chicago Illinois Aprl. 4th. 1965 and raised in 

Venezuela. Started designing at age 19 studied design and fashion illustration at the 

Ateneo Caracas launched my  brand in 1984 as a street fashion designer, later in 1985 moved in to couture with great success as the youngest up and 

coming designer and top 5 in a list that included acomplished designers such as Guy 

Meliet and Angel Sanchez. Early 1988 relocated to NY to further his carrier opened a store in NY Lower East Side and Miami Beach and early 1991forcedto stop for health problems and later 2018 reinvented in new brand James 113

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Rosita Hurtado


Born in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, this enterprising woman traveled in 1982 to Paris France to study fashion design at the Dominique school, then studied at Yocanda Atelier in Porto Alegre Brazil. From there she moved to London England to study patterning Industrial and ends an Associate of Fashion Designer at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in Florida, USA. His collections have been presented in different international places and has shared catwalks with great designers such as Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta, Donna Karan, Tommy Hillfiiger, Alexandre Mac Queen at New York Fashion Week in 2004, Present in Paris Pret a porte, Fashion Week of the Americas, Texvecal in Santiago de Chile, Puerto Rico Fashion Week, Ecua moda, Los Angeles Fashion Week, Bolivia Fashion Parade organized by (Together in the world) and as a special guest Queen Sofia Of Spain in Palma de Mallorca, three times presented her fashion at the UNESCO in Paris, France and received in Ecuador at the Golden Needle Award .. In 2009 was recognized by the Univision chain as one of seven Heroes of the Planet with its Ecological line. For two years I created the Ixoye line, a casual urban fashion with cultural purpose which is being recognized worldwide for its originality, to show the world through the clothing Latin American culture.


Francisco Saez

Madrid Spain


"Francisco Saez is a designer of 25 years. He began his studies at the international school of design and fashion in Madrid, Spain , ended his career with honors and performing practices with renowned designer Ion Fiz . During his career he has received several awards, including the gold thimble and the medal of merit European Working for his career and his contribution to the world of fashion, making designs actresses like Estefania Martinez. Based on the Golden Mile of Madrid, Francisco Saez makes and sells all his couture creations and custom clothing." 

Eduardo Cerda



Eduardo Cerda was born on August 20, 1980 in Chile

Fashion Designer and  Fashion illustrator.

He studied Bachelor in Arts at the University Vicente Perez Rosales also studied fashion design with mention in haute couture at AIEP Institute.He was working in parallel as fashion Illustrator with publications in Spain in the book “Diseno de moda por ordenador” and for different fashion magazines . He has worked in fashion event for brands such as Michael Kors and Louis Vuitton in Chile doing work shops.He is currently working as Fashion Illustrator customizing accessories for Dolce Gabbana in Chile.

Since 2013 Eduardo Cerda has worked with haute couture collections and dressing Chilean celebrities such as Miss Chile for Miss Universe also outstanding people of TV and entertainment on the red carpet of the “ Vina Del Mar Festival “ a famous Latin America festival in Chile.


He is currently designing an haute couture collection  for his brand “ EDU CERDA ATELIER” to present it at the FDLA in New York September 2018.

Eduardo is working as a fashion design Professor at MOBA institute and preparing for an exhibition of fashion Illustration for November 2018 in Chile.

Edwing D' Angelo



DWING D’ANGELO: Life Is A Runway!


Edwing D’Angelo is a young chic and dashing Colombian-born New York fashion designer emerging through mainstream America.  His work has been featured on national television networks  including: 




•NBC’s “The Today Show” 

•ABC’s “Good Morning America” 

•CBS’s  Morning News 

•CW11’s f/k/a 

•WB11’s Morning News 


•Full Frontal Fashion 

•The Associated Press 



D’Angelo’s work was highlighted in the The New York Times, New York Post, Daily News, Baruch College Magazine, Next Magazine, WWD and the Hollywood hit movie The Devil Wears 

Prada, starring Meryl Streep. 


He also stays busy styling many celebrities including, Marc Consuelos, Actress Laurie Metcalf, Winona Judd, violin vixen Miri Ben-Ari and Broadway actress Amy Spangler. Edwing D’Angelo’s unique background as a Colombian-born New Yorker, has ascended within the Spanish media and become the a la mode of Latino Fashion. D’Angelo designs for today’s most promising Latino rising stars. Past clients consist of Zoe Saldana, Jocelyn Sanchez, BET’s Julissa Bermudez and actress Paula Garces. He has been featured as a guest fashion commentator for popular Spanish networks such as Univision, Telemundo, CNN 

en Espanol, Galavision, NY1 Noticias and Telefutura. D’Angelo has also been featured in all major Spanish publications; The Miami Herald, El Diario/La Prensa, Latina Magazine, 

Puerto Rican Herald, Hispanic Business Magazine, New York Post Latin Section. 

josefina rocha.jpg
Josefina Rocha



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