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Federación Diseńadores de Latinoamérica®️ FDLA

FDLA  — Has become the signature multicultural fashion event of New York City. FDLA founded it's development on providing exposure for established, emerging and upcoming clothing designers from around Latin America & around the world in an effort to extend meaningful fashion trade. Accomplishing this has been an undertaking in nurturing opportunities for the publicity of international talents whose creative abilities are overflowing but financial resources are not. FDLA prides itself on continuing its work throughout the year to build bridges engaging community inclusion by leading events, social activities and diversity initiatives. Click to learn more.


With the top-notch guest list and international media coverage, FDLA reaches a multitude of consumers and continues to grow each year.
Last season’s show in September was a major success, providing to the fashion community that FDLA is now considered player in the New York City world of fashion & around the world. 
FDLA is fast becoming the place to be for socialites, celebrities and those seeking to discover the next big name in the fashion industry.

With number of designers bringing new thoughts and ideas from around the world, FDLA has now established itself as a crucial stop on the fashion circuit around the world bringing upcoming latino designers to be discovered in NYC the fashion capital of the world and other international platforms such as South Korea, Switzerland, Dubai and other important fashion weeks. Click to learn more.

One of the four top fashion weeks held around the world, the New York Fashion Week is a flurry of colour and activity.


Past News!

FDLA will be Digital! NYFW | September 2020 


New York, NY Monday June 8th, 2020. 

Fashion Designers of Latin America Goes Digital for the Next NYFW | September 2020.


Fashion Designers of Latin America to go online-only as lock-down endures in response to COVID-19. The next FDLA Shows in September 2020 are going to be held entirely digitally, its organizers’ Albania Rosario announced.


The FDLA Shows during Fashion Week in New York will Advance in September with a New Digital Platform. The idea of organizing fashion shows during global COVID-19 may seem impossible, but instead of giving up hope, the fashion industry is envisioning new ways to communicate in times of crisis. Fashion Designers of Latin America and its president Albania Rosario announced a new version of online catwalks that will take place during the previously scheduled dates for New York Fashion Week: from September 11 to 16, 2020.


Instead of physical shows, the catwalk shows of FDLA will be completely digital, with content available on and through all social networks. The types of content that might appear on FDLA's site could range from a digital look-book to a brand video to a written-out designer Q&A or even a podcast.

The diversity of the initiative will be related to what designers are able to produce during self-isolation, and will also reflect a new strain of branding, marketing, and communication that has taken hold during the pandemic.


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